About Uludag

Uludag, being the most popular winter sports centre of Turkey is located 36 km in the south of Bursa. about 270 km away from Istanbul.. Besides winter tourism, providing facilities for camping, trekking and one-day picnic activities in summer, Uludag has been declared a National Park in 1961 for its rich flora and fauna.

Summits of the mountain; Uludağ peak: 2547 m, Çifte Senaber peak: 2524 m, Karataş peak: 2486 m, Zirve peak: 2485 m, Rasatdüzü peak: 2480 m, Kuşaklıkaya peak: 2232 m, Paşaçayır peak: 2099 m, Fatin peak: 2045 m, Cennetkaya peak: 1990 m

Forest-covered ski resort, 1750 - 2543 meters high. The most favorable days of the year available for skiing is from December 20 to March 20

Skiing Uludag

Skiing Uludag you'll enjoy 25 pistes and trails and that means approximately 25km of ski runs. Uludag lifts number 15 with the capacity to uplift 8470 skiers up the mountain per hour. The longest ski run in the Turkish ski resort of Uludag is over 2.1km long.

Uludag Ski Area

Uludag ski area has 40% beginner ski runs or nursery slopes, 32% intermediate, 24% advanced ski slopes and 4% for expert skiers - You can't ski Uludag after dark.